CCHS students have formed the following clubs for the 2013/2014 school year!

Fellowship of Christian Athletes:  Ministry to Student Athletes

Student Government:  Promoting school sponsored functions (requires induction)

Beta Club:  Academic Honors and Service Club (requires induction)

Homecoming Committee:  Helps plan spirit week and the homecoming dance

Tri-M:  Honors music club

Art Club:  Encourages students in artistic talents and community involvement in arts

Book Club:  Increases student enjoyment of literary classics

Honor Council:  Promotion and oversight of the CCHS Honor Code

Fencing:  Introduction to the Olympic sport of competitive fencing

Photography Club:  Sharing the love of photography for the good of others

Science Olympiad:  A team developed to building a better understanding of the world around us through science

Spanish Club:  Promoting a love for Spanish language and culture

Basketball Club:  A club for fans of basketball who also want to play at an intramural level

Beauty Defined:  Encouraging women to seek the true meaning of beauty in Christ

416 Covering:  Students praying for our school its students and staff in an attempt to draw closer to the heart of God

Chess Club: Students exercise their brains with weekly chess matches in preparation for a spring tournament