Welcome to Coastal Christian High School’s website.  Here, you will learn about much of what we have to offer as a Christian high school for 9th through 12th grade students. But before you begin looking around, we would like to assure you that there are three things that make us unlike any other school:  Our priorities, our people, and our programs.

Our priorities at Coastal Christian High School are focused on building strength and honor.  This includes a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that is built upon a Christian worldview.  College placement is important, but we believe molding young men and women in Christ will prepare them for life and eternity.  Each of our courses and programs are built with the word of God as the foundation of all learning. Creating a safe environment of shared faith will help students feel secure to take academic risks, ask the big questions, participate in fine arts or athletics, pursue extra help from faculty, and worship God in all they do.  Deep roots only develop in nourishing soil, and CCHS provides an inspiring environment that encourages students to become men and women who think from a biblical point of view in a rapidly changing world.

Our people include teachers who are not only degreed in their subject area, but have a solid Christian testimony. In addition to their degrees and expertise, what is most distinctive about our teachers and coaches is the way they care for our students.  Christian schooling cannot occur without Christian teachers who are free to exercise their faith. CCHS teachers and coaches will make themselves available to their students above and beyond the constraints of the school day, and will be dedicated to each students’ success.  In the classroom, on the field, or on the stage, they will serve as Christian mentors, role models, and the kind of people who genuinely are called to teach young adults.

Our programs include a college preparatory curriculum which includes 18 honors courses and 10 Advanced Placement courses, an exceptional performing arts program with superior ranked choirs and ambitious stage productions, a vibrant visual arts department that inspires students to discover their creative identities, and an athletic program that competes at a high level with other public and private schools. Last year we implemented a weekly flex schedule that provides time to learn and grow through chapel two weeks each month and our Centurion Groups program two weeks each month.  Small groups and student created clubs allow students to meet with a dedicated faculty advisor to build faith and round out life.

We are excited to have the opportunity to lead Coastal Christian High School as God directs the next steps in the Coastal journey.